Frequently Asked Questions

There’s no catch. Zuffalo real estate only charges $2,500 to list and sell your home with no upfront fees. Obviously, we still cooperate with buyer’s agents at 2 12 % commission rate. My only question is what would you do with an additional $6,000-$10,000 dollars?

Not to sugarcoat it, no we will not do an open house for your home. If you wish to hold an open house yourself, we will give you the tools to do so. We’ve found that 98% of all homes are sold from marketing activities online, not an open house.

No, we will not. We have a photographer’s camera to take professional-like photos, but we will not hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home. Mainly meaning, we will not provide drone pictures.

Absolutely not. We will guide you step-by-step on the home-selling process. That does not mean discount service. We will still be available by phone, email and in-person to guide you through your home sell. We will market the home appropriately and professionally price your home to sell.

Zuffalo Real Estate will market your home on the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service), advertise it on consumer-based websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc. We will post it on Facebook and Instagram. We will also do a virtual tour of the house.

That’s a good question. Well if you really get down to it, the chances that your home didn’t sell with your last real estate agent was because of the price. With Zuffalo Real Estate, only charging $2,500 and a 2 12 % buyer’s agent commission, we can list your home for a lower price, and you would still net the same amount of money as you would using a full-priced agent. Do you think your home would look more attractive if you lowered the price? Of course, it would!

The main cost for a seller is what’s called “closing costs”. Closing costs are commissions and title fees for selling the home. Typically, it costs 5-6% to list with a traditional agent. With Zuffalo Real Estate, only charging $2,500 to list your home, you save a lot of money! See our savings calculator for more info.

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